Quickstart Guide

A short video tutorial to get you through the initial and very user-friendly setup of the Orion32+ 32.

Orion32+ Routing Capabilities

Explore the routing capabilities of the Orion32+

Use Orion32+ as a Digital Patch Bay

See the Orion32+ in a super flexible and easy to route digital patch bay setup.

Orion32+: Daisy Chain – Record and output 64 channels

The Orion32+ is a massive audio interface on its own, but here’s how you can output and record 64 audio channels via Thunderbolt by daisy chaining two devices.

Tides From Nebula loving Orion32+

Tides From Nebula are one of the hardest-working bands in Europe. Last year they’ve toured all over the place and with Orion32+ in their arsenal we’re sure their sounds will reach new heights.

“I’m just blown away by the mixer and the routing system. It’s just so easy!
You can see what’s where immediately. It works and it sounds good.”