Activating your device

Connect Orion Studio to your computer and activate it.

Install The Mac or Windows Driver

Quickstart Guide

A short video to guide you through the initial setup of Antelope Audio’s Orion Studio Thunderbolt™ and USB AD/DA Interface with 12 mic pres.

Software Control Panel Tour

Take a closer look at the software control panel for Orion Studio.

Antelope Audio’s FPGA Effects and AuraVerb

A brief tutorial to guide you through the essentials of applying Antelope Audio custom DSP effects, including AuraVerb reverb, to Orion Studio mixers.

A Quick Home Recording Setup

Antelope Audio’s Orion Studio has the potential not only to solve all technical dilemmas an artist might have, but also gives an immense creative boost to any studio, home or live recording session.

Orion Studio’s FPGA Guitar Effects

Orion Studio features Antelope Audio’s Vintage Guitar Amp & Cabinet Effects, making it the #1 choice for pro guitarists.

Stacking and Networking Orion Studio via Mac & PC

Having several Orion Studio interfaces stacked? With the latest software update you can now easily control them from multiple Mac or PC computers.

One of Our Most Loved Stars.

Orion Studio is one of Antelope Audio’s best selling and most loved devices. From tech journalists to top artists and producers, everybody loves the Orion.