1. Introduction

Gyraf Gyratec X carries the might of a true tube stereo compressor! Widely recognized for its speed, and featuring technology used in early limiters like the coveted Fairchild 670, this Vari-Mu beast from Gyraf Audio comes alive in the FPGA domain! Thanks to its smooth high-pass filtering, it allows hard compression of the low end without dirtying up the sound. The Gyraf Gyratec X is perfect for using along with other types of compressors and Antelope’s growing list of Vintage Effects processors. We are proud to be the first to offer an FPGA replica of this unit!

2. Features

  • True tube Vari-MU compressor.
  • Faster response than electro-optical compressors.
  • No-feedback signal path & pure Class A topology.
  • Warm, musical sound.

3. Layout

gyraf gyratec 1

1 Input Level Control

Controls the input level for the first variable gain stage – the “drive” for the compressor. To obtain unity gain, set the Input and Output Level controls at their two o’clock positions.

2 Threshold & Ratio Controls

The Threshold control sets the level at which compression sets in. Turning it counter-clockwise selects a lower start point, which brings out more compression. Turned fully clockwise, the control stops compression.

The Ratio knob controls the amount of compression of the signal which exceeds the threshold value. Setting this control fully counter-clockwise deactivates compression.

3 Gain Reduction Meter

Visualizes the gain reduction occuring as the result of compression.

4 Power On/Off Switch

Activates or deactivates the compressor. The gain reduction meter lights up to indicate that the compressor is active. The switch corresponds to the BP button inside the AFX Rack.

5 Attack & Release Controls

The Attack control adjusts the time it takes the compressor to react to a rising input level.

The Release control adjusts the amount of time between the input signal falling below threshold and the compressor returning to unity gain.

6 Output Level Control

Controls the signal level to the output driver stage and the compressor output.

7 Output Level Meter

Visualizes the level of the output signal.

4. Contacts

Having difficulties with the Gyratec X or anything else Antelope? Get in touch with us by the following means:

European Direct Support Line
+44 2039578550
10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. (EET), Monday – Friday
USA Direct Support Line
+1 734 418 8661
7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (EST), Monday – Friday
Online (live chat and e-mail)
Antelope Audio Support Page

5. Glossary

Adjusts how quickly the compressor starts to work after the signal exceeds the compression threshold.
Controls how soon the compressor will stop after the signal goes below the compression threshold.
Controls how much compression is applied. For example, a 3:1 ratio means that every time the input signal crosses the threshold by 3dB, output signal will be attenuated 1dB.
The Threshold is the level above which the compressor considers the signal too loud and starts applying compression.
Knee and Attack have a lot in common, but they are not the same. Like Attack, Knee controls how the compressor will react once input signal passes the threshold. Hard Attack makes the compressor engage immediately while Soft Knee shapes its attack time to make it slower and smoother.