1. Introduction

この 1980 年代を代表する SMT-100A は最も扱いやすいコンプレッサーのうちの一つとも言えます。使い易いだけでなく、効果的なコンプレッションとその音質の両立も可能にしました。30 年以上に渡り、ボーカル、ドラム、パンチの効いたベースには最適な fast attack タイムのためトッププロから愛用されてきました。FPGA でSMT-100A のシンプルなデザインとこの特有のサウンドを忠実に再現しているので、簡単に 80 年代の名器と言われる 真空管コンプレッサーサウンドを手に入れることができます。

2. Features

  • とても簡単なビンテージコンプレッサー
  • ソフトに-キャラクターはスムースなコンプレッションを実現します。
  • 厚く太い暖かみのあるサウンド
  • スイッチでアタックとリリースの設定を選択可能

3. Original Hardware Specifications

Maximum Input:

Maximum Output:

4. Layout

SMTA 100A layout 1

Attack Switch

Slow、Medium、Fast のアタックタイムを切り替え、コンプレッサーが入力信号に反応する時間を制御します。

Release Switch

Slow、Mediam、Fast のリリースタイムの切り替えを行います。

Gain Knob


Gain Reduction Meter


Gain Reduction Knob

ゲインリダクションの量を設定します。 値が大きいほど、圧縮率は高くなります。

Power Switch & Diode


Output Meter


5. Usage Tips

⦁ As Gain Reduction is increased your audio will be treated with a smooth compression curve and the compression ratio will be changed. Use this knob to control the amount and type of compression, letting your ears be the judge.
⦁ Upon detecting a large peak the SMT-100A will automatically increase the compression ratio to keep the audio in control.
⦁ For higher amounts of compression, adjust the Gain Reduction knob until a high amount of gain reduction is visible on the meter. Try different Attack and Release settings, depending on the sound that you are after.
⦁ For lower amounts of compression simply adjust the Gain Reduction knob until the meter indicates a small amount of gain reduction is occuring.

6. Interesting Facts

  • The original hardware compressor features a vacuum tube amplifier driving an electronically balanced 990 output stage. All the signal amplification in the audio path takes place in the tube circuit. The 990 is a high performance op-amp made of discrete parts and then potted for thermal stability.
  • The compressor’s input is electronically balanced and directly feeds the unique compression cell.

7. Contacts

Having difficulties with the SMT-100A or anything else Antelope? Get in touch with us by the following means:

European Direct Support Line
+44 2039578550
10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. (EET), Monday – Friday

USA Direct Support Line
+1 734 418 8661
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Online (live chat and e-mail)
Antelope Audio Support Page

8. Glossary

Attack: Adjusts how quickly the compressor starts to work after the signal exceeds the compression threshold.

Release: Controls how soon the compressor will stop after the signal goes below the compression threshold.

Ratio: Controls how much compression is applied. For example, a 3:1 ratio means that every time the input signal crosses the threshold by 3dB, output signal will be attenuated 1dB.

Threshold: The Threshold is the level above which the compressor considers the signal too loud and starts applying compression.

Knee: Knee and Attack have a lot in common, but they are not the same. Like Attack, Knee controls how the compressor will react once input signal passes the threshold. Hard Attack makes the compressor engage immediately while Soft Knee shapes its attack time to make it slower and smoother.