The Compact Recording Interface

With 8 Analog I/Os Features a Host of Tools for Bands, Performing Artists and Musicians, Including Top Flight Guitar Amp and Cab Simulations


Frankfurt, Germany, April 7, 2016 — High-end clocking and conversion expert Antelope Audio [Musikmesse: Hall 9.1, Booth D33] is set to revolutionize the portable interface market  with its most accessible and versatile recording tool to date: Zen Tour. Zen Tour, which debuts at Musikmesse, features an ultra portable form factor, Thunderbolt™ and USB connectivity, 8 analog inputs and outputs, high-end DSP effects, hardware-based guitar amp and cab simulations and more — making it the ultimate creative recording tool for musicians and bands. With Zen Tour, there are no more boundaries to achieving great recordings.

“Antelope Audio has already established itself as the top choice for professional studios around the globe for audio conversion and digital clocking,” says Antelope Audio’s Director of US Sales Marcel James. “Zen Tour puts many of Antelope’s innovations within reach of an entirely new audience of musicians, bands, and DJs — including our unparalleled and continually evolving DSP-based effects and amp simulations. This interface packs an incredible amount of utility and recording finesse into a small form factor, making it ideal for tracking, mixing, and creative processing.”

With 8 inputs, including 4 switchable Mic/Line inputs and 4 HiZ/Line inputs, Zen Tour provides plenty of options for tracking several instruments simultaneously — as well as digital ADAT & S/PDIF I/O for increased connectivity options.

Zen Tour’s 8 outputs are carefully designed to enable an all-in-one workflow, at home or on the go. Dual independent headphone outputs enable two musicians or a musician and engineer to listen in without additional hardware. Dual monitor outputs enable A/B monitor switching, making it easy to reference mixes on two different systems. Dual reamp outputs provide incredible versatility for guitarists and other recording artists — whether tracking guitars direct in a hotel room and then rerecording a performance through a tube amp back in a home studio, or applying high-quality effects to manipulate a vocal mix. A talkback button on the front panel keeps Zen Tour at the core of your home studio setup.

DSP Tools for Creative Audio Processing

Zen Tour incorporates the same parallel DSP processing capabilities found on Antelope Audio’s professional studio devices, enabling incredibly low recording latency as well as the use of Antelope’s groundbreaking hardware-quality effects. These include guitar amp and cabinet simulations, an emulation of a legendary EQ, and the powerful AuraVerb reverb. These tools can effectively replace thousands of dollars worth of outboard gear and amplifiers. With the incredibly low latency of Antelope’s Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processing, guitar amplifiers respond with the same immediacy of real tubes, carrying an authentic tone and realistic sound.

Next Gen Software Control

Antelope Audio continues to innovate in software-based hardware control with Zen Tour, with an impressive touch screen, a handy mobile app, and a cross-platform software control panel. With its networking and remote control implementations, users are able to manage all Zen Tour features from multiple computers in the same network as well as from a smart phone or tablet thanks to the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Digital Multi-tool

Zen Tour combines many of the features that have made Antelope Audio a leader in recording innovation in an aesthetically attractive and compact form. With tools for tracking, mixing, and processing, Zen Tour’s uncompromising audio quality makes it a best-in-class interface for bands and musicians who want to create professional quality recordings that reflect their musical visions.

Zen Tour will start shipping at the end of May, 2016 and will carry a price of $1,495/EUR1,495

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