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What is Moonwerk's favorite thing about the Orion32?

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“We switched to the Antelope Orion32 as soon as it came out. We were thrilled because it was the only interface to have 32 channels and all over USB! Our favorite thing about the Orion and having 32 channels is that we no longer have to patch in each instrument we want to use or swap it out with another. With the Orion we have our IN’s normalled in the patch bay. We never have to touch it unless we want to insert something into the chain; otherwise every instrument is ready to be played! We would definitely recommend this interface to anyone looking for more IO, especially if you are looking to save on space (32 channels in 1U and now they even offer 64)!

We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next in the compact area … hoping for a micro 4-6 channel traveling interface.”

Moonwerk is an electronic duo from Chicago, IL.

Dane Blaesing – Moonwerk

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