Modern Sky Entertainment is a top music business entity based in Beijing, China. Founded in 1997 by musician Shen Lihui, it started as a boutique indie-rock label and magazine publisher. Currently it has grown into an epic music company that handles everything from artist management, audio production, event and tour promotion, ticketing, live house management and a ton more.

Such serious business portfolio requires no compromises when it comes down to equipment. We’re more than proud to share that two of the three Modern Sky studio facilities, which are also some of the largest studios in whole Asia, are well-equipped with a huge selection of Antelope Audio units.

As you’ll see in the beautiful photos, Modern Sky Studios are dead serious about their clocking and have chosen OCX HD to handle it. In charge of interfacing are two units of the eternal Antelope classic Orion32 with some extra help from the compact but versatile MP8d. The Modern Sky mastering studio features our highly-acclaimed AD/DA converter and monitor controller Eclipse 384, which is also a flawless clocking powerhouse on its own.

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