Santa Monica, Calif., August 01, 2016 — Clocking and conversion expert Antelope Audio announces the launch of four new classic hardware-based vintage EQs, designed expressly for its best in class Orion32+ Thunderbolt™ interface. The new EQs, which are available now at no charge to new and existing Orion32+ owners, are based on the company’s proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology — which boasts unrivaled near-zero latency performance and unmatched sonic authenticity.

The new hardware-based vintage EQs — which hearken the sounds of legendary equipment that has left an indelible mark on the face of modern music — behave like their hardware counterparts and render traditional DSP plug-in effects obsolete. The seamless integration of these FPGA-based EQs onto the Orion32+ platform represents a true paradigm shift for the recording community — and a potentially enormous cost savings for musicians, engineers and producers looking to capture faithful vintage sounds.

Out with the Old, In with Orion32+

Standard buffered DSP plug-in effects require complex programming codes to operate; this significantly taxes a computer’s CPU resources. Moreover, such plug-ins often add processing delay or noise to the sound, and can negatively impact the overall stereo image. FPGA-based audio FX technology, pioneered by Antelope Audio and now available in the Orion32+, allows engineers, artists or recordists to maintain audio realism and high-end sound quality, while using tools that act and respond like real hardware gear.

By implementing the Orion32+ latest driver updates on the Antelope website, users not only gain access to an exclusive and growing set of hardware-based vintage gear, but are also able to realize vastly expanded device functionality. For example, Orion32+ can be controlled from several different computers on the same network — which can be advantageous while working in multi-room facilities or other scenarios. Also, a new system update allows users to detach and rearrange panels on the software interface — a feature Antelope implemented by listening to its customers.

Introducing the newly implemented EQs on Orion32+

  • VEQ-1A: This EQ breathes new life into a classic — a legendary 60 year old passive tube EQ that became an integral part of every top-tier professional studio in the world. Unlike the original hardware version, the VEQ-1A can be used in stereo link mode to reproduce a tight stereo image. Also, the ability to simultaneously cut and boost the same frequency imparts a unique sound unattainable with another EQ. By adjusting the virtual knobs, users can realize massive bass and gentle highs — with all the richness of real hardware.

  • VMEQ-5: The VMEQ-5 excels in midrange frequencies, featuring two peak bands and a dip control. By adjusting these controls, users can add a unique, analog punch to vocals, synths or guitars. It also sounds great on a snare drum, or to clean up otherwise muddy-sounding midrange.
  • VEQ-55: This EQ is able to emphasize details in the mix, while adding body and sheen to instruments like guitar, bass or drums. The end result is a mix that glistens with the fine touches and details of a craftsman.
  • BAE 1073: BAE Audio is known for its faithful renditions of vintage gear, and the BAE 1073 is no exception. With the BAE 1073, users can access the classic and inimitable large console sound of the ’70s in a pristine, digital format. A truly versatile EQ, the BAE 1073 works equally well across classical, to rock and pop and calls out that instantly recognizable, warm and punchy sound.

“The latest updates to Orion32+ — particularly the addition of our newly developed FPGA-based EQs — present an enormous opportunity for music creators,” commented Marcel James, director of U.S. sales, Antelope Audio. “The sonic flexibility and tactile response of these EQs will channel an entirely new level of creativity among our users, while potentially saving them thousands upon thousands of dollars in gear they would have otherwise had to pay good money for. Orion32+ is the very first interface in the world to offer such power and flexibility.”

To learn more about Orion32+ and the new updates, please click here.

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