Good news, everyone!

Our geeks from the 3rd and 4th floor (R&D) have been playing around with all the vintage gear they could find and spawned a few new models for our audio interface users (Orion Studio first, then Zen Tour and Goliath). Each of the hardware-based models leverages our leading-edge proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology and joins a growing range of signal processing offered by Antelope Audio with near-zero latency performance.

These new babies are the FET-A76, VEQ-HLF, UK-69, NEU-PEV, and Lang PEQ2:

The FET-A76 captures all of the nuances of the vintage FET compressor, and like its analog predecessor invented in the late 60’s, is useful not only for controlling dynamics and sculpting tone but also for its ability to add punch and presence to anything passing through its circuit. The FET-A76 shines in a wide range of applications, from vocals to bass guitar to buss compression.


VEQ-HLF is a simple and effective passive filter. With this Pultec, you will take control over the passive low-cut and the high-cut filters with selected frequency intervals. It’s the perfect tool for eliminating unneeded frequencies at the extremes of the audio spectrum — while ensuring a musical analog tone.



UK-69 brings back the legendary British Invasion sounds, like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. Adding astonishing analog detail, you will achieve the depth and texture reserved till now only to standalone hardware.



NEU-PEV is keeping the 60’s beat “zee” German way. The NEU-PEV EQ is a simple and powerful interface but don’t let the pretty colors fool you: this toy is not for children! The NEU-PEV releases some of the most compelling sounds of both yesterday and today with the help of its warmth and spacious mid-range.



Lang PEQ2 – The last of the 60’s legends, this one is the all-star on vocals and drum overheads. The PEQ2 features controls similar to the VEQ-1A tube EQ but stands apart thanks to having more choices of frequencies and allowing to set different and separate LF boost and LF cut frequencies.



The updates will be available shortly and free of charge for owners of Antelope Audio’s Orion Studio interfaces, then in the near future for Zen Tour and Goliath.

So, stay tunned

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