Antelope has exciting news about the “Industry’s First” small condenser modeling microphone, the Verge.

In an effort to continue the revolutionary impact of our microphones, we have extended the max SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of the Verge modeling microphone to 146 dB. And while this change does not affect the characteristic sound of the mic, it now makes the Verge well suited for recording very loud sound sources such as drums and brass.
What’s more, we’re happy to announce that every Verge microphone now comes with a native AFX plug-in compatible with any DAW on both Mac and PC.

Verge is a small diaphragm modeling microphone suited for both nuanced accuracy and high SPL recording. Also exhibiting excellent performance on it’s own, it can take on the character and personality of the world’s best small diaphragm condensers and electrets.

Verge’s collection of mic emulations includes:

Berlin 184: a small-diaphragm condenser microphone and your top choice when recording cymbals, brass or percussion. It comes with a capsule with a cardiod polar pattern and can handle both extreme sound pressure levels, and subtle dynamics from acoustic instruments.

Perth 55a small-diaphragm, true-condenser cardioid microphone with an omnidirectional capsule. Very suitable for recording acoustic instruments, overheads and live performances.

Freiburg 6this cardioid microphone is focused on capturing voice or musical instruments with enviable attention to detail and no coloration whatsoever.

Aalborg 4006modeled after an omnidirectional microphone, this emulation is a dream come true for engineers for its natural sound, astonishing sensitivity, linear frequency response and extremely low noise-floor. Great for recording vocals or acoustic instruments, including guitars, woodwinds, brass etc.

Hamburg 40a versatile condenser microphone that shines bright when used for recording vocals or speech, but great for cymbals, overheads or whole groups of instruments as well.

To learn more about the Verge mic and mic emulations, visit our site here.

Users already in possession of a Verge mic will receive activation codes via e-mail. In case you have not received such an e-mail, contact us at

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